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The racecar on jackstands for some much-needed offseason work.

Hello racing fans,

Even though the season is over, now’s not the time to lose focus! We had some tough breaks last season and we are trying to learn from them wherever we can. Unfortunately, so much in racing can’t be predicted.

So our technical plans for this season are pretty simple. We’re going to refresh the current motor, get the spare motor dyno-ed, and of course clean! That’s about the only work we need to do on the car itself, but the driver is whole different story.

One thing that has been evident for the past few season is that our car is faster than our driver. In order to remedy that, we are planning spending some time down at the Bondurant School in Phoenix. Pat has done the advanced driving school out there and learned quite a lot. One great thing about that school is they allow their graduates to come back for a little refresher for a small fee. That is our plan and hopefully they will let us bring our camera so we can get some fun footage to share with you!

Speaking of footage, we will of course continue to try and get some video up for your viewing pleasure.

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