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About Lind Bros Racing, LLC

My oldest brothers, Tim and Tom Lind,  always seemed to be around car stuff. They built go karts and motor bikes. They had a MGA and then a MINI 850. Their friends had strange British cars like a Morgan and a Daimler SP250 some friends had hot rods. When they worked on there cars I got to hold the flash light and hand them tools .

I was hooked!


In 1969, I was a senior in high school and I worked part time at Fellmer Foreign Cars in Waterloo, IA. Part of my job was to tend to the bosses race cars . The first one was a MGB. Then, he got an Elva Porsche and finally a Ferrari 206SP that ran at the 1966 Sebring 12 hour race. I knew that racing is what I wanted to do !

Early Lind Brothers.jpg

Tim and Tom were both in the Army in 1969 but I knew they were coming home soon. So my plan was to buy a race car and be ready when they got home. With a $500 down payment and a promise to make small monthly payments for a year, I was the proud owner of a Austin Healey Sprite race car.

Now things really started to accelerate! Tim came home from Vietnam and opened a Standard Oil Service Station at 230 East Ridgeway, in Waterloo, IA. He got his competition license and started racing. Tom got home from Korea and headed to the University of Iowa. Jimmy (sorry Jim) was still in high school but worked part time at the Standard Station. I graduated from high school and then tried college, but racing seemed more fun. So back to Fellmers full time, and night time work at the station (and the race car). Tom finished school and came back to Waterloo to set up Lind Bros Motors with a Lotus franchise.

Next we were appointed to sell new Jensen - Jensen Healey - TVR automobiles and opened a dealership at 1825 Washington St. in Waterloo. The distributor for Jensen Healey wanted a race team to represent the brand. Based on Tim’s success driving the Sprite, we were chosen. In late 1973, we acquired two Jensen Healey race cars and a 1970 Ford transporter to haul them on the race circuit.  In 1974 we were awarded a Peugeot franchise . The next few years we were selling cars, fixing cars, and racing cars . Lots of fun and much success.

2021-11-22 11.05.44.jpg

The dealership moved to a new building at 2222 Edgemont Ave. in Waterloo, just behind the original Standard Oil Station . In the early 80's the British car industry took a tumble with the French right behind. Growing families became more important than long race weekends. Jim had the station running strong while Tim, Tom, and I moved on to other ventures. In 2005, the championship winning Jensen Healey race car was brought out of a 25 year slumber . With kids grown and thru college, there was just enough disposable income to go back to racing .

The dealership building at 2222 Edgemont had been purchased by a local hospital. In October 2020 however, we bought it back, and Lind Bros Racing LLC was back at home!

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