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Total Performance—1965 Lotus Cortina

(From Casey Annis (August 8, 2018) Sports Car Digest)

In many respects, the Lotus Cortina became one of the first modern “sleepers”, outwardly pedestrian-looking sedans that hid giant-killing performance under their skin. I was fortunate enough to test drive one a few years ago and I can certainly attest to the car’s remarkable potency (I’ve featured my Cortina Profile, below in the archive articles section, if you’d like to read more). In fact, even 60 years on, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a faster, more responsive, normally-aspirated 1600-cc sedan than the Lotus Cortina. And, really, how many 60-year olds can claim to being just as potent as they were in their youth?!


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