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Installing the carpet (posted February 11th, 2012)

Today we spent a few hours working on the car, focusing on getting the carpet in. Well, it took some time but it’s in there. We used a carpet kit from Delta Motorsports and followed their instructions. Sometimes the pieces didn’t fit perfectly and some jiggering was needed, but in the end it came out well.

Since we are planning on installing new lap belts and don’t have the parts, we left the seats out. We are also planning on putting in a roll-bar, so we’re not going to glue in the rear carpet yet.

Yet another interesting issues was the center console. Due to the new transmission, the previous owner cut a large chunk out. Luckily, our parts car had a console in pretty good condition. We cleaned it up and now all we need to do is get a new boot.

Enough talk, take a look at the slideshow below!

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