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Jensen-Healey finds a new home...

Recently sold on, the Lind Bros Racing LLC blue 1973 Jensen- Healey Mark I has found a home with new owner!

(from Neil Saffer Facebook page...)

We never actually own a classic... we just look after them for the next generation. Trisha Saffer and I have the honor of looking after this 1973 series 1 Jensen-Healey for a while and getting to share the story of this automobile. Thank you Patrick Lind and Lind Brothers Racing LLC for the opportunity, thank you Larry Miceli and Ken Fengler for always encouraging us to acquire these gems, thank you Mark Miceli for helping us keep them on the road! and David Dweck and Mike Burdman you wouldn't understand it's a British car thing! See you all on the 30th at Fuelfed Fort Lauderdale. Looking forward to Shana Mullen taking this thing for a spin on an upcoming episode!

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