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Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Results (posted January 10th, 2014)

This is so late I’m almost embarrassed to post this, but in the interest of getting all of our news online I must. Below is a recap from our time at Mazda Raceway during the weekend of August 15-18 2013. If you aren’t already aware, check out below for the results from the weekend!

Our team landmark for the 2013 Monterey Motorsports Reunion

The weekend started well, getting set up at the racetrack early in the week with the rest of the Huffaker team. We were next to everything from Porsches to Corvettes to Turners, but the real crowd-pleaser was Joe’s Mini Cooper on the roof of the transporter. In addition to looking great, it was an easy landmark for us to find our way back after meandering among the other beautiful cars.

The early runs went smoothly with Joe at the wheel. There were a few small mechanical issues here and there, but a majority of my work in the pits involved detail spray and re-mounting the camera. As you can see in the video, Joe did well enough in the sprint races to qualify us for 4th to start the main race, which is where all the action happened.

During the formation laps, Joe was warming up with the rest of the field when a green Alfa started spilling oil and pulled off just after the corkscrew. On the next trip by the stand, the green flag dropped and the race was on.

Just about everything was proceeding like planned. Our Jensen-Healey passed someone right away and was focused on the next victim. Joe had him in his sights, almost passing uphill leading to the corkscrew. He managed to get the position back and the pack started going through trickiest part of the track. Then…. we were in first place.

“It was like someone just through dice on a craps table,” Joe said. “Cars were going everywhere!”

That oil spill from the Alfa had claimed it’s victims. All the cars in front of us spun off the track and Joe managed to keep the J-H pointed straight. A safety car was immediately deployed and we lapped a few loops before the car came in.

Team photo while we were packing up after a successful weekend.

There were a few more laps at race-speed, but the result was already secure. No one would catch Joe and the Lind Bros / Huffaker Engineering Jensen Healey won the day.

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