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Jensen Healey V8 update (posted August 14th, 2011)

Hello my fellow Jensen Healey (and misc. British car) fanatics! Again, we are not doing too much with the race car since it looks like we’re done with the season. We did, however, get the urge to do some work today and got started on the V8 Jensen project car.

The original plan was to just remove the aftermarket cruise control. Seemed simple enough, but then this happened.

Here's what the inside of a Our project car (black) and V8 engine bay

Jensen Healey looks like our finished car (red).

without seats or carpet.

As you can see, we got a little ahead of ourselves. We did take out the cruise control. Then we took out the awkwardly-placed electric fan. After that, we removed the front spoiler, which was just a piece of painted sheet metal.

I guess we were just on a roll, so we started stripping the interior. First the seats came out, then all the seat belts. Next, since we were planning on getting a new set, we removed all the carpet. As you can see, the inside is pretty bare and almost ready for painting!

Our plans for the future include the complete strip-down in preparation for painting. We will remove all the pieces we can, from bumpers to mirrors and so forth. Next, when we have space we will take out the drivetrain and suspension and then start the full paint job!

Be sure to check out our flickr stream to get all the pictures. I will try to post as many as possible as we progress.

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