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New Trees for The Motors

This past week, Tim and Tom Lind continued the reforestation of the landscape around The Motors at Lind Bros Racing LLC.

This effort began last year when eight trees were purchased from the City of Waterloo's Plant Waterloo! program, made possible by the Young Family Foundation, which provides residents a variety of trees for purchase at $20 each.

This year, an additional 4 trees were purchased and planted by Tim and Tom. The Motors, the original Lind Bros Motors dealership back in the '70's had ash trees on the property, which had to be removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. A total of twelve trees have been planted since the Spring of 2022.

This effort by Tim and Tom is not the 1st tree planting initiative in their hometown. Tim helped plant over 120 trees on the Waterloo West High School campus back in 2002. More recently, Tim and Tom organized and planted over 80 new trees on historic Prospect Blvd. in April, 2018, also to replace Ash trees removed due to the infestation.

If you are ever in the area of The Motors in Waterloo, IA, stop by and check out these trees!


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