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1972 Jensen-Healey Cutaway

John Hostler’s cut-a-way drawing

Having been asked by Autocar to undertake a cut-a-way drawing of the Jensen Healey, Hostler went up to Jensen Motors for a one day visit. According to Hostler, the Jensen Healey cars available to him were all left-hand drive cars being made ready for the American market.

Hostler was later to mention, “all the cars I saw were USA spec with Stromberg carburettors, so that is what I represented in the cut-a-way.” Hostler remembers that he had just one day to complete what ever work he needed, in readiness to coming back to London to finish the drawing. He made notes and sketches, and took photographs. Hostler even took photographs of various body panels, as he wanted to show the nature of their fabrication. The finished Hostler cut-a-way was an interesting ‘transparent’ view of the car, as though you could see straight through the panels. It worked very well.

1972 Jensen Healey Drawing (John Hostler)

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